Led Lights.

We stock and sell high quality industrial and hazardous lights from long serving manufacturers in the sector to meet your every lighting need.
We are able to provide such efficient and durable energy saver lights at the lowest prices due to our firm relationships built over time as Sole distributors to Major quality brands in Asia and Europe.

Our Services


Pando Led Lights as a lighting company are very interested in clean energy and partners with the best in the lighting industry to make it possible.
We are Sole distributors to Popular and quality brands in lighting.
We deliver to clients around Lagos for free.


We consult for businesses and/ or individuals interested in the lighting sector.
We provide professional and expert advice in lighting businesses to interested clients gunning for high ROI for our clients. Due to our affiliations, we can boast of providing updated information and new innovations to our highly esteemed clients.


In a bid to create a team of retail outlets to stock the Pando products, we are building a community to cater for the business needs of our members.
The community is made up of lighting shop owners who get goods from Pando Led Lights head office, and are registered as part of our brand which increases trust in the products they stock. Our members are sure to get quality products at the best rates.